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We are located in the Department of Psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin

In collaboration with the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin  (VOW) we are recipients of a VA Staff Sargent Fox Grant.  The SSG Fox SPGP honors Veteran Parker Gordon Fox, who joined the Army in 2014 and was a sniper instructor at the U.S. Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia. Known for a life of generosity and kindness to others in need, Fox died by suicide on July 21, 2020, at the age of 25.

What we do!

The Captain John D. Mason Program aims to save lives by utilizing Veteran peers that go into the community and locate Veterans in need engaging them in VA health services, and other community resources, to live a healthy, productive life.

Our Veteran Peers understand what you are going through. They are available to talk through problems and provide ideas to help cope with everyday issues. They can also help you adjust to civilian life or just talk!

We work directly with the Veteran Outreach of Wisconsin’s 9-Line Program. Our program is designed to provide you the best peer services, referrals for case management support and connection to VA benefits.

We also support the Live Today – Put It Away program which provides locations of firearm retailers and law enforcement locations where a person in crisis can voluntarily store firearms for safe keeping. 

  • A Veteran of the United States
  • Living in Central and Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Want to enroll in VA Healthcare
  • Need benefits
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If you are in a suicidal crisis call the National Crisis Line at: 988 and dial 1 or Text 838255

Follow this link to Chat with the Suicide Crisis Line.

We Can Help!
  • See us in-person
  • All of our support is free to any Veteran!
  • We can provide you with peer support
  • Help you enroll for benefits
  • Check eligibility for Federal or State Veteran benefits
  • Direct contact to staff and providers at the VA
  • Education & Community Resources
  • Help you locate safe, firearm storage if you need to keep your safe if you are in a crisis.

Call us at: (414) 955-8910


The Captain John D. Mason Program aims to save lives by utilizing Veteran peers that go into the community and locate Veterans in need engaging them in VA health services, and other community resources, to live a healthy, productive life.

If you, or a Veteran you know, needs assistance in connecting to the VA or other community resources, please contact one of our peer specialists:

Mark Flower mflower@mcw.edu  

Pete Glowinski pglowinski@mcw.edu

Peter Borucki pborucki@mcw.edu

Program Email: CaptainJohnDMasonProgram@mcw.edu

Office: (414) 955-8910

Captain John D. Mason served in Vietnam with the Second Battalion, Twelfth Marines, Third Marine Division. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with the Combat “V” for his valor and honorable service. John reflected on his military training and values when faced with personal and professional challenges. 


John was kind, smart, funny, hardworking, and a man of impeccable values and integrity who loved his wife and two children, and friends deeply. He struggled silently for many years with depression and PTSD stemming from his time in Vietnam. John didn’t want to burden his family or friends with his inner struggles. that combined with the stigma of mental illness, prevented him from seeking sufficient treatment for his symptoms.

In 2013, financial distress and pain from a back injury caused his illness to overpower him and he took his own life. John left five suicide letters, and wrote, “Get me to the VA so they can stop someone else.”


Suicide Prevention for Veterans 

See video of Captain John D. Mason’s letter read by his best friend, Joe Tate.

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 Check out Chris Swift talking about reengagement to civilian life


Veteran comment after the Capt. John D. Mason Program hosted a virtual presentation discussing transition from military to civilian life:  

“I got out in 1997. I have struggled with close relationships. I have 2 service buddies that get me. On more than one slide of the presentation, I saw statements that I, myself, have felt, but was never able to put into words. I couldn’t put my finger on the disconnect I had and my refusal to enroll in VA services reflected so much. Offhand I cannot remember the phrases that clicked, but I think a door has been opened for me–it was realizations that I took away from this presentation. Thanks!”

Kalib Hrbacek, Nam Knights Brew City Chapter:

“The team at the John D. Mason peer outreach program has been influential to me both professionally and personally. Not only have they partnered with me as an organization for Veteran Support through the Nam Knights of America Motorcycle Club benefit rides, but proved themselves to be a trusted partner when I reach out for services I was not adequately getting addressed at the VA. With their help I was able to establish a high level of care from a provider outside of the VA network, and have seen vast improvement! With one call they eliminated the “red tape” and quickly had me be addressed by the professionals I had requested, and I highly recommend them to all Veterans encountering the same issues.”  http://namknights.org/


Support the Program

Your support of the Captain John D. Mason Program helps Veterans access health care services and provides peer to peer support.

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You can make difference!

Suicide is preventable. One way you can help is to “Be There” for someone in crisis. Be There Wis  provides resources for Veterans and projects being conducted by Veteran Suicide Prevention Task Forces throughout the State of Wisconsin.