Captain John D. Mason

Veteran Peer Outreach Program

A Veteran Peer Outreach program designed to reduce suicide!

Created in 2018 and named after a Vietnam Veteran who lost his own battle with depression and PTSD.  The Captain John D. Mason Program is a Veteran Peer Outreach Program designed to connect Veterans to mental and physical healthcare at the VA and community resources to help prevent Veteran suicide. 

The premise of the program is to have Veteran peers actively reach out to Veterans in the community that are not receiving healthcare in one capacity or another, increasing engagement in VA healthcare services and other community resources, to live a health, productive life.

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Mission Statement: 

“Save Lives ~ Keep Families Together”

Our Mission is to:

Help motivate Veterans and their families to engage in Veteran Administration health systems, seek eligible VA benefits and/or connect with other health care systems. The primary goal is to provide Veterans with the knowledge and resources to live a healthy and productive life. This will be accomplished by developing a sustainable outreach program of Veteran Peers who use their unique skills and Veteran affiliation to develop a connection with Veterans and their families.

Pete Glowinski, Veteran Peer Specialist 


Peter Borucki, Veteran Peer Specialist   


Mark Flower
Mark Flower, Veteran Peer Specialist



The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On

Great team to support the mission to connect with Veterans!

Chris Swift, Program Ambassador & Peer Specialist